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i met jaejoong and micky in my dreams
i always hear idols or fans saying ‘go to sleep and let’s meet in our dreams’ or something but i never really understood it. now i do. so can i just talk about it for a second? ok xD so i was in one of the classrooms in my school and micky and jaejoong were together standing there talking to each other while the rest of my classmates were talkin mad loud as always. so then m+j look at me and smile a little (well jaejoong smiled, micky just was in charisma mode which is soooo weird xD ) then this random ass chick comes in and starts speaking in japanese to them. micky and jae were like surprised for a second and then started responding. seeing as i love them and i cant speak japanese, i got jealous as HELL and yelled ‘SHUT UP’ at no one in general but only because i was mad. the whole class+jaejoong+micky+the random chick stared at me. after that i said sorry cause i really did feel sorry.


jaejoong came to me and hugged me to like calm me down. i hugged him back but then he kissed my forehead. i was completely frozen after he did that. he pulled away and saw my face and smiled at me. i started blushing like crazy (well i think i did. i cant see if i blush or not since im black hehehe) and let them talk to the chick. the class started like gigglin about me -.-


everytime i think about this, i start giggling and putting my head down to hide my smile. ahh this is like the first dream i had that an idol interacted with me in an intimate way. i prefer yunjae dreams/dbsk dreams though : D


This Life

Title: This Life
Author: ayokiki
Rating: PG
Pairing: Yunjae
Genre: Angst
Length: Drabble
Summary: They all just don’t compare

How could I try again to find loveCollapse )

Black Happiness

Title: Black Happiness
Author: ayokiki
Rating: PG
Pairing: Yunjae
Genre: AU,Angst
Length: One Shot
Summary: When you love someone, all you can do is wish for their happiness

I refuse to regret our time togetherCollapse )

Yunjae and Jongkey (sigh.)

I have always wondered how Yunjae fans keep their
love for Yunjae and DBSK even in all this bullshiz.
I even noticed how it's kinda hard to be a Jongkey fan too
since I've seen some people who like to compare the two and
decide to say that Yunjae isn't even real compared to Jongkey.
I wish I had someone close to me that liked Korean couples

I love the two couples though xD They're my top 2 OTPs
(Yunjae being #1 of course xD )


Ah, struggles.

Being a Yunjae fan can be tiring at times. All the wondering whether they are real or not and then having to believe but not be sidetracked by antis. The life of a Yunjae lover and shipper of couples isnt as easy as thought.